Welcome to St-Joseph MRI

The Top Private Magnetic Resonance Imaging Clinic
Gatineau-Ottawa region

St-Joseph MRI believes no one should have to wait months to undergo a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examination. We take pride in delivering a highly professional medical service without delay.

Can you really afford to wait for your MRI?

Once we receive a referral from your doctor

  • We will contact you within days to book an appointment.
  • An appointment for routine exams usually takes only 2 business days.*
  • We will send the results of your examination to your doctor within 2 business days following your appointment.
  • You will receive a copy of your images on a CD before you leave the clinic.
  • At all times, professional and dedicated staff are available to answer your questions.

* Breast MRI results may take longer due to the complexity of the exam.

Your health is your most precious gift and our priority.

Ask your doctor to contact us today to arrange an appointment!

All exams will be at no cost to the patients, if the are covered by WSIB, CNESST and SAAQ

For all other patients, certain group health plans reimburse the cost of these exams: Please enquire

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