MRI Patient Info

During the MRI examination

A health care professional will assist you to lie down on a comfortable padded table. As your exam begins, the table will move into the opening of our MRI system. We will ask you to remain as still as possible during the exam to ensure the best quality images. The body part to be examined will be positioned in the center of a reception antenna. You will be able to communicate with the technologist via intercom for the duration of the examination which usually lasts from 30 to 50 minutes. You will hear a repetitive noise which is normal. You will be supplied with ear plugs to reduce the noise.

If necessary, a contrast agent will be injected into the arm to enhance the diagnostic image.You will be advised prior to the injection if this is required. This substance (Gadolinium) is non-toxic and contains no iodine. Side effects are very rare.

Claustrophobia - the fear of being in a confined or enclosed place

In order to help those patients who suffer from claustrophobia, our staff will keep you informed every step of the way. Remember, we are here to assist you. Should you have any questions, need assistance or become uncomfortable during your exam, use our built-in intercom system in the machine to communicate with the health care attendant.

Some solutions

Many patients find it relaxing to simply place a cool washcloth over their forehead or eyes during the procedure. They can then lie back and relax. Some people may even fall asleep. You may also bring a family member or friend into the scanning room with you. Many people feel it is comforting to have someone at their side. Some patients may request a mild sedative prior to their examination; however, this should be discussed with your doctor. If you do take a sedative, it should be taken approximately one half hour prior to the examination, and you should have someone drive you to and from your appointment.

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